Carrier Commercial Experts Program is hosting: COMMERCIAL BUSINESS BOOT CAMP

Tuesday, February 27 - Thursday, February 29

Carrier CIB
13995 Pasteur Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


Day 1 & Day 2:

8:00 AM-5:00 PM EASTERN

Day 3:

8:00 AM-3:00 PM EASTERN

Carrier Commercial Experts Program is hosting: COMMERCIAL BUSINESS BOOT CAMP

Join us for an intense, 2.5 day commercial maintenance service and replacement planning workshop where you will learn how to optimize your commercial business.

In this workshop we break down the company into segments, and define the goals necessary for you to achieve your contracting optimized profitability and growth.

We define a financial plan including a sales goal budget, a marketing plan, the operational aspects and metrics to focus execution, discuss a detailed scorecard, and finally define the optimal human resources org chart for supporting commercial growth.

The entire session is unique and custom to your company, your goals, and the execution of commercial maintenance to achieve those targets.

Many tools and resources are provided to attendees, so you don’t have to recreate operational aspects, only commit to implementation and success.

Training Curriculum

  • Commercial Service Agreements
  • Training to Master Operating
  • Commercial Maintenance, Service & Replacement

Table of Contents

  • Letter from Company – How to Achieve Success in Light Commercial Markets
  • The Company Vision
  • Success – As Defined by Our Business Philosophies
  • Company Values and Culture – What We Believe:
  • The Purpose of the Company
  • The Market Opportunity –
  • Why light commercial and maintenance?
  • What is Commercial Service?
  • What are Commercial Maintenance Agreements?
  • What is Light Commercial Installation and Replacement Work?
  • Target Clients and Where the Company Will Focus and Why
  • How You Fit – Your Personal Opportunity (Mindset)
  • The Complete Benefits Matrix of Maintenance – You/Customer/Company
  • Career Possibilities and Education
  • Recruiting, Hiring, and Developing Talent
  • Personality Profiles – How to Use (Elekes Insight Testing)
  • Sample Ads
  • Use of the Web in Recruiting
  • Internal Promotions – Organically Growing Account Managers
  • Role Descriptions, Expectations, Pay Plans, Incentives
  • Commercial Service Technicians – Role, Metrics, Comp Plans
  • Commercial Account Managers – Role, Metrics, Comp Plan
  • Time Management – Your Resource and Ticket to Success
  • Statement of Craftsmanship – Workmanship & Quality
  • Maintenance – Cornerstone of Your Success
  • Type of Maintenance Offered – 3 Tier Strategy
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Labor Only Coverage
  • Full “NO RISK” Coverage
  • Developing Relationships with Maintenance Customers
  • What does a Commercial Customer REALLY Want?
  • Solving Problems – How We Do It
  • The Company and Location plans
  • Financial Plan – Budget – Forecast- Profit & Loss
    • Dashboard Reports – Key Measures for Operation
    • Sample Commercial Models for Growth – Model Company Analysis
    • Marketing, Selling and Pricing for Commercial Maintenance Agreements
  • Marketing Plan
    • Developing New Customers – Target Marketing (75-10-3-1)
      • Direct Mail Letters Targeting Customers
    • Lead Tracking
    • Daily Reporting Systems
      • Working with a Sales Manager – Weekly
      • Meetings/Prospecting/Follow-up
  • The Commercial Account Manager Selling Processes
  • The Sales Cycle – Know the Cycle Steps
  • The Technician Lead Turnover & Selling Processes
    • Commercial Account Manager Letters for Sales Processes
    • Commercial Sales Presentation for Clients
    • Selling Tools – Life Cycle Tool
    • Budget Tools
    • Pricing System
    • Pricing Procedures
    • Strategy in Pricing Commercial Maintenance Agreements
    • Option 1 Price to Client
    • Option 2 – Price to Proper Mtc. Plan as recommended


Speaker Elekes
Gary Elekes
President, EPC Training
Gary Elekes is serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping others become more successful by sharing what he has learned over the past 3 decades working closely with all facets of the contracting industry. During his career, Gary has held senior management positions at Lennox and Service Experts. In 2000, Gary moved into entrepreneurship and started his training and consulting business EPC. Today, EPC continues to support growth oriented businesses aspiring to reach 20% EBIT. He also designed the very first web based learning platform for the residential contracting industry, which acts as a support system for training and learning in HVAC and plumbing trades, and has over 5,000 subscribers.

In 2003, Gary began acquiring contracting firms with a focus on developing turn-around opportunities. He also opened and operated several start-up businesses. In 2010, he added web design/SEO and online marketing to his company portfolio starting Imarket Solutions as a co-founder. Gary graduated from Ohio State University with a BSBA and also holds a Master's Degree in Business and Finance.

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