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Building a Company Culture Around Training

Thursday, January 5, 2023

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern
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Course Objective:

Most contracting companies out there take a very passive or reactive approach to training. When you think about it, if a company truly wants to grow their business 20%, 30%, 50% over the next year or two, that means they need to grow their people at that rate as well.

And with today’s skilled labor shortage, contractors are now hiring less-skilled people as long as they have the right attitude. If contractors take the time to build a strong in-house training program, they will drastically open up their potential labor pool, as there are tens of millions of people in the US who make less than $15 an hour and could become viable hires – they just currently lack the technical skills.

January 5th, 2023, join our webinar to learn the best practices in recruiting, developing, and promoting technicians in 2023. You’ll get the tools to create a powerful pipeline of hiring and training and leave the “I can’t find good people” complaint to your competitors.

What You’ll Learn:

Know your numbers: How much do you actually spend on training already?

  • Formal training costs
  • Ramp time, callbacks, support time, on-the-job training

What is the actual skill level of your technicians?

  • Skill assessments: pre-hire and post-hire
  • Benefits of a learning management system

Creating a learning path for each type of role

  • Baseline knowledge: topics that every technician should know
  • Role-specific: maintenance, installation, service

How to make the most of on-demand training

  • Pre-train before sending techs out on work orders
  • Post-train on techs who made mistakes in field

How to get the technicians engaged in training

  • Promotion pathways and employee reviews
  • Monetary and non-monetary incentives


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Speaker Clapper

Dan Clapper
HVAC Market Director, Interplay Learning

Dan Clapper serves as the HVAC Market Director for Interplay Learning. Dan brings 25 years of experience to Interplay in a variety of roles across the HVAC market. Over the years in this space, Dan has developed a passion for helping trade professionals grow their businesses and their people. From installing boilers and HVAC equipment with his father as a teenager to sales, design, and distribution at the wholesale level, to training thousands of HVAC professionals across the country at the manufacturing level, Dan has a unique perspective on best practices.

After sending out 5,000+ free copies of his first book, “Get More HVAC Leads: 5 Must Have Strategies for 2018”, Dan realized that the biggest challenge in our industry is the skilled labor shortage, not lead generation. With tens of millions of people in the US who make less than $15/hr, contracting companies can build a pipeline of talent if they hire for attitude and then leverage an “In-House” training program. At Interplay, Dan now helps business owners and leaders leverage 3D simulation-based training to help attract new talent to the industry and upskill them faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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