Navigating Through Changing Times Using Finance

Tuesday, October 4 - Wednesday, October 5

1:00PM - 4:00PM Eastern (10:00AM - 1:00PM Pacific)


Virtual Event


How can you utilize financing during today’s current economic environment, as the world continues changing ever more rapidly? This is a review of recent trends and the impact financing will have on the future. We will be looking at buyer habits and product and technology challenges, including shipping and manufacturing, as well as upcoming regulatory changes in North America.

As the industry changes, SEER ratings are increasing; bundling is becoming the standard; and ticket prices are increasing. To combat this, the financing programs you offer must be competitive. The HVAC industry is experiencing changes comparable to the solar home improvement industry, including longer-term loans and the need for competitive interest rates.

This course will also help you understand and prioritize the buying habits of proactive vs reactive customers and what is financially important to each.

Topics Covered:

  • Why dealer fees exist and how they impact you and your customer
  • How other home improvement verticals embrace dealer fees and turn them into a profit center
  • How to embrace dealer fees in your sales process
  • How to manage dealer fees with a flat rate system to alleviate pressures and concerns
  • The importance of utilizing buy-downs
  • How to create good financial educational habits during the demand and shoulder seasons
  • How to make every system in your price book Affordable
  • How to use financial leverage to better serve your customers


Russ Horrocks

Vice President, Flow Odyssey

Russ Horrocks emerged as one of the most successful Comfort Advisors in America in the mid-90’s. Russ quickly took to sharing his unique knowledge of buyer psychology with sales forces across the country. He turned his profession into a passion, educating and coaching in-home sales and service advisors to understand the critical skills necessary to achieve results far exceeding personal mindset limitations and corporate expectations.

Most trainers preach about product and process. Russ teaches and coaches his sales and service protégés not only about what to do in the home and how to do to it, but more importantly, why. Why leads to a purpose allowing the people his students serve to build a strong connection based on a position of trust, confidence, competence and credibility. When matched with the creative execution of a process built to work with human nature and how people want to buy, it yields explosive growth.

Having mastered the sales process, in 2011 Russ joined with business development specialist, Drew Cameron, as Vice President of Flow Odyssey to help clients enhance the performance of their entire business, and transcend growing one person or department at a time. Together they work in the trenches with their clients in every facet of building successful home services businesses.

Clients embrace Russ’ detailed holistic approach to assessing a company’s people, present state and potential. Drawing a blueprint for success, he collaborates with clients onsite, online, and on-the-phone to achieve operational excellence with a hands-on strategic approach to growing people and implementing profit-based processes and systems. Clients benefit from Russ’ 20 years of knowledge and national experience, along with his relentless pursuit of building happy, effective, top-performing professionals and developing a culture of success and achievement.


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